The Big Data platform for monitoring and decision-making support all along the agri-food chain




Industries/cooperatives of the agrifood chain

What are the benefits of using On.Leaf solution?

Real-time monitoring of the state of crops and, thanks to the integration between databases, IoT applications and Artificial Intelligence, indications on irrigation advice, prediction of harvest times and estimation of the biophysical characteristics of production.

Improvement of product quality through early detection of problems (diseases and weeds) along the target supply chain

Optimisation of resource management and sustainability with the possibility of significantly reducing the energy resources, water resources, fertilisers, pesticides and human resources needed.

Software On.Leaf

Main features


Dashboard for Technicians, App for Farmers and Technicians, integration with winBDF database, integration with IOT sensors, weather providers, and Satellites (Sentinel-2).


Available to business technicians, inclusive of a system of notifications of task completion in the field by the farmers, a summary section of all treatments applied in the current season and much more.


Through the "reports" function, the farmer can enter information in "guided" mode depending on the phenological phase of the crop. Functions are also made available to insert "treatments", with the application of the appropriate constraints to be regulated. The technician can instead use the app to carry out audits and visits to the company.


Using a machine learning algorithm, it estimates the ideal harvest date of the crop, with the envisaged quantity. The suggestion is presented in a calendar dedicated to business technicians, inclusive of all the harvest dates estimated on all the fields, to be able to prepare the farm to receive the material to process.


Depending on the crop, weather forecast and thanks to the information received from humidity sensors, the farmer is provided with an indication of how much and when to irrigate, avoiding useless waste and problems of crop death.


Function for uploading documents by farmers via APP. The technician can check them on the website and possibly request new ones, with the possibility of customizations based on the needs of the cooperative (e.g.: Register of Processing Operations generation, report generation for adherence to the italian SQNPI certifications, etc.).

The On.Leaf platform makes an information set (vegetation indices, satellite images, quality graphics, etc.) available to technicians for efficient monitoring of the condition of the different crops. It is also a decision-making (irrigation advice, weather and weed alerts, fertilisation-irrigation advice) and process support tool in the field, using forecasting and the corresponding function of harvest scheduling. The On.Leaf solution falls within the type of project which can be partly financed thanks to the industry 4.0 tax relief system.