Centralises information to control the company and simplify data analysis and decision-making processes.



Area of application

Healthcare facilities, public administration, manufacturing industry, large-scale distribution

What are the benefits of using the Integra solution?

Unique, validated and certified information

Safe extraction, processing and uploading from third-party systems

Reduction of time-to-delivery of a company data request

Integra Schema

Main features


Safely monitoring system errors and faults thanks to the function for managing alarms

BI integration and self-service

An integrated environment for inter-departmental analysis, in which each user can create analysis reports using a simple graphic interface

Unified data

Data quality and traceability through integration and validation procedures and thanks to predefined evaluation indicators (e.g. MeS Target)

What-if and what-for analysis

Definition of hypothetical assessment scenarios for detecting data trends in the event of unexpected factors.

Thanks to the Integra solution, analysis based on indicators related to the whole process is given precedence: from the analysis of costs (production, pharmaceutical expenditure, personnel, etc.) and the activity (turnover, DRG, services, etc.), as well as the definition and monitoring of quality process indicators (e.g. corporate, regional and ministerial indicators ).

It is also possible to comply with various regional and ministerial information obligations from a single centralized system. Lastly, the possibility of accessing a predefined catalogue of business areas which is constantly updated and improved.