Simplification of the process of defining and monitoring corporate strategic objectives.


Cloud On-premises

Area of application

Tertiary, Public Administration, Healthcare, Manufacturing Industry

What are the benefits of using a Metrica solution?

Reduction of management times and elimination of human errors

Increase in data quality and optimisation of the objective definition process

Improved objective sharing and result-driven orientation

Metrica Schema

Main features

Budget and indicator definition

Re-use of pre-defined budgets and indicators, with the possibility of duplicating them on budget units and different time periods.

Security and certification levels

Independent data modification thanks to the secure module: every user can use the databases based on his/her role and degree of visibility.

Negotiation and web monitoring

Negotiating the budget via the web: thanks to on demand import, it is possible to monitor company performances in real time.

KPI, budget unit and budget definition

Excellent support accompanied by wizards and automatic procedures to define the most complex budgeting scenarios.

The Metrica solution gives you advanced tools such as indicators (KPIs) and Budget Units (BU) which allow you to negotiate goals, monitor the performance of your company and sustain historical results.

Simplification of the company budget definition process through automatic and manual import of objectives and results, by distributing web-based management and monitoring among all stakeholders.