To protect creativity and innovation

Onit has two registered patents. Both refer to the RTLS proprietary technology called Dragonfly Computer Vision.

The first patent for an industrial invention, registered in June 2019 (application n°.102019000008373was granted on 14/04/2021, and called “real time localisation system of mobile loading units and its method of operation”; it concerns the idea behind the RTLS product by Onit: a solution for the guided execution of warehouse handling activities through the localisation of lift trucks.

The second patent deposited in October 2020 with application n° 102020000023392, recalls the content of the first patent and affirms an internal right of priority specifying several technical issues, such as that the “position and orientation sensor” of the lift truck based on Computer Vision.

These patents eveal the unique and unrepeatable quality of the integration between hardware and software devised by Onit, fruit of the continuous work of Research and Development dedicated to the Dragonfly technology.