The group

All for Onit, Onit for all

The steady and continuous growth of Onit has led the company to verticalize its activities and organise itself to be increasingly reactive to the market. An evolutionary path which, over time, has given life to one group consisting of four companies, with five branches.

In addition to Onit SpA, the Group is composed by:

Onit Sistemi Logo

It provides networking services, data centre, cybersecurity and collaboration, supporting companies in the digital transformation process.

Onit Sanità Logo

Established to support medical facilities, it offers ICT solutions for the efficient management of hospitals, clinics and health centres.

Onit Smart Logo

A Benefit company, which develops cutting-edge mobile solutions and technologies to facilitate the work of enterprises and simplify people’s lives respecting the environment.

As different as the realities are, in terms of scope of intervention, all share the same values, the same mission, and a single vision: work passionately to simplify modernity and inspire the future.