On.Health / Outpatient clinics

Management of specialised outpatient activities, physiotherapy and sports medicine.


Cloud On-site

Area of application

Tertiary, Public Administration, Healthcare, Manufacturing Industry

What are the benefits of using an On.Health/Outpatient Clinics solution?

Monitoring of appointments for all healthcare professionals

On-line booking of specialised appointments and/or rehabilitation therapies via an app or the website

Management of each patient via an app for smartphones and tablets

Automatic upload of hard copy documentation

Complete management of patient records

Main features

Clinical record

Customised based on patients’ requirements via the configuration function of computerised clinical records.

Management app

Patients can independently request appointments, make payments and download reports via a dedicated app for smartphones and tablets or the website.

Virtual badge

Management of incoming patients via an app integrated in the outpatient clinic management software, avoiding the cost of purchasing standard badges.


Advanced management of bookings via an automatic reminder and/or cancellation system of appointments.

Electronic invoicing

Generation and filing of electronic invoices according to the indications of the Italian revenue agency and transmission of the documents to the interchange system via virtual electronic signature.

Sports medicine

Management of certificates indicating suitability for doing sports issued via a simplified and highly efficient system.

Cloud solution ideal for the management of medical and physiotherapy clinics, for use on all devices (desktop PCs, Linux, Mac and mobile devices).

Thanks to On.Health, you can plan and manage all your daily activities from booking appointments to invoicing, as well as medical records, through a single application which can be accessed both by patients and medical staff.

An all-in-one solution: with just one click, you can check both the performance of the outpatient clinic through statistics and advanced reports, and the situation of individual patients through a dedicated dashboard.

Say goodbye to time-consuming installations and updates with Cloud Computing: no more paper through the electronic conversion of documents and elimination of the cost of purchasing and maintaining servers.

Suitable for new business set-ups or well-established facilities, On.Health/Outpatient Clinics will allow you to simplify the process of managing a doctor’s surgery.

The web application allows the user to:

  • Book specialised appointments and/or rehabilitation therapy
  • Manage and monitor appointments of a single medical professional
  • Admit patients
  • Manage invoicing, payments and breakdown of services provided
  • Produce statistics in the form of budgets and KPIs