Software for managing invoicing and payment collection for healthcare institutions.


Cloud On-premises

Area of application

Hospitals and healthcare institutions, healthcare clinics and nursing homes, outpatient clinics

What are the benefits of using an Cassa solution?

Management of payment collection for single operator, institution and company headquarters

Record of payment flow and types of payment (Cash, POS, cheque)

Credit recovery with identification of individual cases and sending of payment reminders

Main features

Management dashboards

Monitoring of payments thanks to summaries and statistics that allow the creation of reports and management dashboards.

Basic database management

Independent services for the maintenance of basic archives and management of single profiles via the smartphone app.

Payment management

Automatic management of documents and cash flow with the summary of the incoming and outgoing payments, plus the type of payment and the subsequent printing of the cash journal.

Credit recovery

Management of the different types of credit recovery process by sending reminders, handling expenses and registering letters/registered mail and closing the file.

Monitor incoming payment records in a simple and intuitive way, the issuing of documents and accounting for the services provided by healthcare facilities both under the NHS system and the “Intramoenia” freelance private physician services, also guaranteeing integration to the ESF and to corporate and regional information systems.