Independent management of clinical engineering services for public or private healthcare facilities.


Cloud On-premises

Area of application

Hospitals and healthcare institutions, healthcare clinics and nursing homes, outpatient clinics

What are the benefits of using an On.BioMed solution?

Emergency management

Traceability of the transport

Customisation of the vaccination calendar

Automatic calculation of latecomers and defaulters for vaccinations and automatic reminders

Main features

Call and control management

Management of intervention requests on equipment and planning of certification interventions.

Management dashboards

The application management dashboards allow you to monitor the maintenance interventions and quality and safety support.

Basic database

Configuration and customisation of the system based of requirements, to guarantee autonomy to the services for maintaining basic archives.

Biomedical instruments

Checking of instrumentation and technical equipment through master data which allow dynamic management of the properties of each classification.

Complete traceability of calls for maintenance and automatic management of the equipment maintenance plan and periodic quality and safety checks, guaranteeing a report to monitor any intervention.

Monitoring of the electro-biomedical technology equipment thanks to management reports based on summaries and statistics.