Monitoring and management of health clinic activities of public healthcare providers in a single integrated system.


Cloud On-premises

Area of application

Hospitals and healthcare institutions, healthcare clinics and nursing homes, outpatient clinics

What are the benefits of using an Consultori solution?

Delivery of service and dematerialised prescription

Highly customisable clinical report layout

Complete traceability of all the actions taken

Main features

Statistics and management reports

Generation of reports, statistics and management dashboards and complete monitoring of waiting lists.

SMS reminders

Optimisation of appointments for patient visits through a reminder and/or cancellation system via SMS.


Patients can independently book an appointment by automatically searching for the first available appointment or specific doctor, through app or website.

Dematerialised prescription

Easy-to-use outpatient reporting for each individual patient, thanks to the dematerialisation through the software: medical reports, specialised clinical records are available in one integrated system.