Management of appointment scheduling and booking activities for services provided by healthcare institutions.


Cloud On-premises

Area of application

Hospitals and healthcare institutions, healthcare clinics and nursing homes, outpatient clinics

What are the benefits of using an CUP solution?

Management of patient admissions directly or by imposing an appointment on the system

Automatic search for the first available service and/or doctor

Emission of the document for the payment of NHS or freelance private physician services

Automatic management of the traceability of all activities performed

Main features

Automatic appointment booking

Management of appointments, patient admissions, whether direct or imposed on the system, with the possibility of associating different price bands to the category of service.

Basic database management

Simplification of the basic archive maintenance system (service providers, services and profiles, price plans, timetables and availability of resources and/or services, etc.).

Integrated management of offers

Definition of single detailed sessions through flexible service providers. Monitoring and traceability of agenda use with the option for patients to manage and move appointments independently.

Statistics and management reports

Generation of reports, statistics and management dashboards and complete monitoring of waiting lists.

An application module integrated on the Onit ERP platform for the management of the centralised referral system of healthcare facilities both within the national health service and as freelance private physicians.

The software provides access to SOAP/Web Services/HL7 Protocol technology as the standard for application cooperation and is IHE certified. This means it is possible to meet the requirements laid down by the Action Plan of the National framework of e-Governance.