Management of vaccinations, both actively offered (mandatory and recommended) and on request.


Cloud On-premises

Area of application

Hospitals and healthcare institutions, healthcare clinics and nursing homes, outpatient clinics

What are the benefits of using an On.Vac solution?

Transfer of vaccines between vaccination sites

Customisation of the vaccination calendar

Recovery of the previous vaccination history of new patients

Automatic calculation of latecomers and defaulters for vaccinations and automatic reminders

Main features


Patients can independently manage bookings, appointments, payments and medical reports from the app on tablets or smartphones or from the website.

Management dashboards

The management dashboards of the application allow you to monitor vaccination coverage with relevant geo-location.

Automated warehouse

Manual management (or through optic pen) of the transfer of medication from the central warehouse or vaccination site.

Vaccination data

Vaccination data and patient history for every individual patient, changes to the calendar or vaccination site with the option of viewing the patient’s history.

An integrated system for active vaccination proposals (compulsory and recommended) and those requested by patients, paid by the NHS or by payment, allowing access and remote recording of individual events even to MMG, PLS and customisation of the A&E. It meets the requirements laid down by the Action Plan of the National e-Government Network, which adopts the technology of SOAP/Web Services/HL7 protocols as standards for application cooperation and is IHE certified.