VoIP switchboard

A new open phone system integrated into your company’s IT network.

What are the benefits of using a VOIP solution?

Reduction in the cost of maintenance and management

Scalability of IP architecture, which can be adapted to changes in the company’s structure

Less obsolete technology

Protection of initial investment by using the phone system from the PC

Thanks to VoIP NethVoice, for which ONIT is an official dealer, you can benefit from a single solution to all the traditional switchboard functions (PBX), combined with the most innovative features of advanced telephone systems. You can thus cut the costs linked to phone systems, fax, voice mail and networks which often require different, separate systems.

An efficient and effective system that exploits the potential of internet technology (IP) and guarantees all the company’s communication services (data, voice, video) through a single infrastructure, optimising the company’s everyday activities.