On.Plant / MES

Software solutions for monitoring and optimising industrial production 4.0.


Cloud On-premises

Interconnected services

Production lines, plants, machinery, line panels, PLC, SCADA, Database, ERP, sensors and metering systems

Area of application

Food, Ceramics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Plastics, etc.

What are the benefits of using an On.Plant/MES solution?

Efficient organisation and shared instructions in the factory

Increase in productivity and decrease in costs

Guided management line setup

Real-time monitoring of production progress and OEE indicators

Fast and prompt traceability and retraceability

Fault reduction thanks to predictive maintenance

On.Plant/MES schema

Main features

Industry 4.0

Two-way interconnection between the software and automatic production systems guaranteeing the fiscal benefits of industry 4.0.

Planning and line setup

The line operators are guided by the production plan scheduling for the correct set-up of the line and automatic implementation of the machine parameters

Production data collection

Thanks to the features of Industrial IoT, production performance is monitored in real time through an on-board line monitor with respect to the company’s goals


Generation of traceability-retraceability links for the production supply chain, starting with the supplier right up to the end customer and vice versa

OEE indicators

Keeping record and cause analysis of stoppages, analysis of loss of speed and deterioration in quality


Quality checks (QMS = Quality Management System) for the digitalization of factory documents with configurable workflows

On.Plant/MES for production management will transform the manufacturing company into a perfect example of Industry 4.0, guaranteeing complete control of the activities through the data collected by interconnecting systems and production machinery.

The software developed by Onit deals, in an intuitive and structured way, with the management of all the phases of production, scheduling bills of materials and checking all the product processing phases. At the same time, it records all the quality checks according to the UNI-ISO and HACCP standards and ensures real-time product traceability and retraceability along the entire logistics flow of the goods.