Software for supervising, monitoring and controlling production lines, systems and machinery thanks to the power of the IoT.


Cloud On-premises

Integrated systems

MQTT, Modbus, OPC UA/DA, Bacnet, SNMP, Siemens S7, FINS – Omron, ODBC, Obix_Honeywell, Lonworks

Area of application

Industrial plants, processing lines, machinery at production plants, tertiary sites such as buildings or offices

What are the benefits of using an iOTTO solution?

Total integration of heterogeneous systems in a single HMI

Instant overview of critical issues and rapid response times

Widgets and graphics for complete customisation of the user interface

Optimised processes based on efficient models

iOTTO Schema

Main features

Real-time monitoring

A single solution for collecting the data related to all company processes (production, environment, energy, etc.) and display via intuitive and multi-user dashboards.

Advanced data analysis

Automatic calculation of indicators/KPIs on data collected in real time and customisation of calculation formulas through a convenient expression editor and efficient consultation with Pivot tables.

Report and alarm generation

Definition of customisable report models. Alarm monitoring through notifications via email/sms or phone calls in the event of faults on data or when thresholds are exceeded which can be set by the user.

Supervision and monitoring

Interfacing with all data sources within the company and complete bi-directionality for the implementation and monitoring of systems and machinery.

Inspection and maintenance

Monitoring of production performance, time management, machinery set-up, integration with ERP, handling of stoppages and predictive maintenance.

Machine learning

Through the analysis of data correlation collected in the field, improvements are implemented for more efficient management of machinery and improved product quality.

The iOTTO solution is the IoT tool designed to cut costs linked to business processes and have control over all the information required to instantly identify critical issues and take prompt action to solve them.

iOTTO intervenes to improve the costs related to production flows, energy consumption, maintenance work and operational processes. It also allows real-time management of any data by making it available to the user thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.

It can be used for:

  • Monitoring and optimising industrial facilities, machinery and processing lines.
  • Controlling HVAC systems, lighting, entrances and video surveillance, managing building automation systems, renewable power sources and co-generators.
  • Remotely managing and controlling machinery allowing the optimisation of maintenance, support and assistance services.
  • Setting predictive maintenance and machine learning logics.
  • Implementing production monitoring systems for performance improvement.

iOTTO allows you to implement efficient operational processes in the company with targeted investments based on innovative models.