On.Plant / TMS

TMS software for planning and monitoring shipping and deliveries.


Cloud On-premises

Integrated systems

On-board devices, on-line maps, third party websites, ERP, smartphones

Area of application

Hauliers, freight forwarders, transport brokers, manufacturing industry (e.g. food, packaging, ceramics, pharmaceutical, etc.), large-scale distribution, third party logistics

What are the benefits of using an On.Plant/TMS solution?

Increased efficiency of the transportation department operations

Automation of communication with transportation companies

Reduction in transport operating costs

Optimisation of the load and journey route

Improvement in the quality of customer service level

On.Plant / TMS Schema

Main features

Route planning

Routes are planned using on-line maps, cutting down on kilometres and travel time required to fulfil orders, taking into account logistic constraints.

Delivery / collection feedback

Thanks to the app, the back office can monitor the progress of deliveries/collections and immediately manage any non-conformities on goods.

3D load optimisation

Optimal loads and maximum saturation thanks to three-dimensional imaging of the goods loaded on the vehicle, providing a preview of how the loading will be carried out.

Trip certification

Control of transport costs and revenue, automatically allocating the tariffs allocated to each trip and managing pre-invoices and invoices for the various transport companies.

Shared communication channel

A single communications channel for dealing with hauliers, receiving the necessary documents and sending them transport fees.

Yard Management System (YMS)

Assigning loading/unloading slots to avoid unnecessary delays while managing access to the facility quickly and safely.

On.Plant / TMS is the innovative software solution developed by Onit for the management of transport and external logistics: through this modular platform, it is, in fact, possible to streamline the activities of the traffic and administration department, while cutting the operating costs related to distribution through load and route optimisation.

By interacting with on-board systems, driver mobile devices and websites, On.Plant / TMS acts as the hub for certified and centralised information, improving the reliability of strategic planning and the management of urgent orders.