On.Plant / WMS

WMS vertical software for warehouse and RTLS logistics management.


Cloud On-premises

Integrated systems

Automatic stacker-elevator and mini-load warehouses, vertical warehouses, palletisers, pick-by-light and put-to-light systems, RTLS, voice-picking devices, thermal printers, barcode readers

Area of application

Food, Beauty, Ceramics, Chemical, E-commerce, Pharmaceutical, Large-scale distribution, HORECA, Third-party logistics, Packaging, Plastic, Spare parts, etc.

What are the benefits of using an On.Plant/WMS solution?

Increase in the productivity of efficiently guided operators

Decrease in errors with better service levels for the customer

Total supervision of warehouse activity

Optimisation of warehouse spaces and picking routes

• No barcode use thanks to RTLS technology

Paperless warehouse, completely computerised data flow

On.Plant / WMS Schema

Main features

Inbound goods

Guided inbound flow that allows for the planning of acceptance activities, monitoring of the quality checks, goods identification and labelling.


Advanced algorithms assist operators in stocking goods in the best warehouse location.

Order simulation

Allows you to anticipate any stock depletions or requests for stock reduction.

Order fulfilment

Outbound flow coordinated by the control system that correctly divides the workload among the available resources by optimising the routes.


Traceability of all movements and consumption of goods, through identification that the staff carry out using industrial devices.


Plans periodic checks of the goods in the warehouse: the verifications allow for precise stocks to be maintained, eliminating the need for year-end inventory.

Third-party deposit

Customised rates and price list management for each customer, with the possibility of managing both the fixed cost and variable cost component.

RTLS (Real Time Locating System)

Management of fleets of forklift trucks, fitted with tracking technology, which allows storage and retrieval operations to be independently detected without scanning barcodes, as well as real-time fleet and anti-collision monitoring.

On.Plant/WMS is a vertical software which gives you total control of the warehouse logistics, both manual and automatic, guaranteeing real-time traceability of the entire logistics flow of goods from acceptance to shipping, plus monitoring of resources and operator workloads.

The use of the software in the company is supported in daily operations by different standard technological solutions such as radio-frequency terminals, voice-picking devices, barcode readers, thermal printers or advanced solutions such as guided picking or sorting systems, as well as RTLS (Real Time Locating System) for locating forklift trucks for the automatic identification of pallets handled by different integrated technologies.