This is how Operations management and the Supply Chain improve!

This is how Operations management and the Supply Chain improve!

È Così is a company that makes and distributes professional and industrial detergents and disinfectants, products that stand out for their top quality and environmental sustainability.

With the aim of achieving the same quality and sustainability also in terms of Operations and Supply Chain, È Così turned to Onit to digitalise its logistics and production processes. Thanks to On.Plant’s Warehousing and Manufacturing solutions, the company improved its manufacturing and warehouse management.

Namely, with the introduction of On.Plant/WMS both for the warehouse of raw materials and for finished products or for resale, operators can now track the movements of goods by using RF terminals and barcodes that identify the pallets.

With On.Plant/MES, Onit has actually made the system management of production orders more efficient, by accurately identifying the quantity of raw or semi-finished material used at the production stage or deposited in the warehouse. Plus, the system has a series of operating instructions which, via a tablet, guide operators through the sequence of steps to be carried out and the final balance.

The results? Smoother operations, goods tracked, fewer errors in warehouse picking, reduced handling times and an easier annual inventory to draw up.

Great work Onit… This is how you improve Operations and the Supply Chain!