A webinar to stock up for the future

A webinar to stock up for the future

Can artificial intelligence ensure better stocking of the warehouse? If so, how? These are questions on the lips of everyone working in logistics today, and they require clear and satisfactory answers.

That's why Onit organized the webinar "IProQ: optimizing inventory by avoiding stock-outs thanks to A.I.", a moment of discussion focused on the solution designed and developed by Onit to ensure the efficiency of procurement activities.

Based on machine learning and neural networks, IProQ ensures effective and efficient inventory monitoring, enabling the optimization and support of procurement activities and significantly reducing the occurrence of stock-outs and production stoppages.

During the webinar, the functionality of the software will be explained in detail and some real applications of IProQ within innovation projects implemented by Onit in recent years will be shown.

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"IProQ: optimizing inventory while avoiding stock breakages through A.I."

Thursday, Oct. 12
11 a.m. to noon.
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The webinar is free and open to all.
For info and registration: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3218965859691100765?source=Sito+Onit