Onit takes the stage!

Onit takes the stage!

A 56-hour course to acquire user experience skills and implement interfaces using the most innovative tools available.

This, in a nutshell, is the program of the Human-Machine Interface Workshop, a module of the Professionalization Degree in Information Systems at the Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna (Cesena Campus).

The task of transmitting these skills to the participants was entrusted to Onit, which decided to "deploy" Andrea Bianchi, Team Manager of Onit Smart, to organize and manage the entire training course.

It was a choice dictated by both Andrea's skills and his experience as a teacher at the Onit Academy, characteristics that make him the ideal person to enable the class (about 25 enrolled) to fully achieve its training objectives.

The workshop, whose first class was held on Tuesday, September 12th, offers the participants the opportunity to get to know and work with the tools used every day by companies working in the UX field, and also strengthens the relationship between Onit and Unibo.

Good luck, Professor!