Onit organizes free webinar "On.Whistleblowing: the legal solution".

Onit organizes free webinar "On.Whistleblowing: the legal solution".

Legislative Decree No. 24/2023 requires companies to have an IT tool to manage whistleblowing, i.e. the reporting of wrongdoing or irregular conduct encountered by an employee (or collaborator/supplier) in the work environment. The tool must guarantee the confidentiality of the whistleblower and the report, which is why a simple anonymous e-mail is not sufficient.

With this regulation, the implementation of a reporting system is no longer just a matter of business ethics, but a legal obligation.

As a result of this important change, Onit is offering all interested companies a webinar to discuss the legal aspects of the issue (thanks to the contribution of experts from Consulenti Privacy Srl) and to present On.Whistleblowing: the software developed by Onit Smart to manage whistleblowing in compliance with the law, facilitating both the sending of reports and their management by the person in charge.

Participation is free, after registering at this link