Enervit Nutrition Centres use On.Health

Enervit Nutrition Centres use On.Health

Enervit SpA uses the On.Health health centre management software at its new Enervit Nutrition Centres.


The market leader in sports supplements has chosen Onit as its partner to develop this new project dedicated to wellness and health.

The Enervit Nutrition Centres aim to offer nutritional plans and ad hoc diets for all those who wish to follow a proper diet, which is necessary to achieve important results in terms of physical shape, athletic performance and psycho-physical wellbeing.

Onit, through the On.Health platform, has developed a patient card dedicated to nutritionists of different centres allowing for a fast and advanced management of all the different medical records. A streamlined and innovative way to manage the training plans and the weekly diet of each patient.

Enervit specialists and nutritionists use On.Health daily to manage the patient nutritional cards including from mobile phones monitoring progress constantly.

We are delighted to have been chosen by a company as important as Enervit; it stimulates us to continue this process of ongoing development.