Maximizing the productivity of automatic systems with On.Plant


Cloud On-premises

Integrated systems

storage (stacker cranes, vertical warehouses, mini loads), transfer and transport (conveyor systems, forklift trucks, monorails, AGV, LGV), robot arms, production systems

Area of application

Food, Beauty, Ceramics, Chemical, E-commerce, Pharmaceutical, Large-scale distribution, HORECA, Third-party logistics, Packaging, Plastic, Spare parts

What are the advantages of using the On.Plant solution for Automation?

Quick identification of logistics and factory bottlenecks

Integrations between automatic systems connected in real-time and other company software

Integrated supervision of automatic systems

Reduction of configuration errors of production plants

On.Plant WCS Schema

Main functionalities

WCS - Warehouse Control System

Supervision and efficient control of the flow of goods inside the warehouse or the distribution center, handled on different typologies of logistics automations, dialoguing with them in real-time.

Production Plant Supervision

A unique control point for the productive process, based on the “digital twin” of the systems that compose the production.

Vertical Lift

Solution dedicated to the management of Vertical Warehouses which optimizes the goods extraction sequence from drawers and maximizes warehouse saturation.

Monorail System

Solution that automates the transport of goods within the factory, ensuring complete supervision and monitoring of the system in real-time.


Dynamic simulation that supports the choice of the best layout of an automation system with the processing of the different “what-if” scenarios.

Competition on the market forces factories and companies to have an ever-increasing production of a wide range of quality products but with lower costs and minimum delivery times.

The On.Plant suite for the Automation topic allows you to improve the productivity of automatic systems inside the factory, both related to the production process and to the logistic with handling and storage systems, optimizing workflows with design solutions suitable for integration between the various systems thanks to an extended library of driver for field devices: OPC DA / UA, Modbus, Siemens, Schneider, Allen-Bradley, OMRON.

With a real time supervision made by alarms and KPI reports, is granted a constant and integrated monitoring of the automations implants, visualizing the ongoing activities and eventual anomalies through all its layout.