Realization of interconnections between machinery, services and people with supervision, monitoring and control.


Cloud On-premises

Integrated systems

MQTT, Modbus, OPC UA/DA, Bacnet, SNMP, Siemens S7, FINS – Omron, ODBC, Obix_Honeywell, Lonworks

Area of application

Industrial plants, processing lines, machinery at production plants, tertiary sites such as buildings or offices

What are the advantages of using the On.Plant solution for the IoT?

Total integration of heterogeneous systems on a single platform

Access to the tax benefits of Industry 4.0

Effective organization of the predictive maintenance work plans

Immediate view of critical issues and rapid reaction times

iOTTO Schema

Main functionalities

iOTTO - Platform

IoT platform that grants a full control and monitoring of plants and connected machinery allowing a complete 4.0 digitization of the entire factory.


Data derived from sensors, PLCs and all the other connected devices are collected, processed and analyzed “On the Edge”, thus decreasing the latency and the volumes of data transmitted over the Internet.

Asset Management System - AMS

It helps to enable a strategic management of the maintenance processes of the company organization, ensuring a quick resolution of potential anomalies.

Automated Messaging Tool

Tool that allows you to contact at the perfect timing the right company roles through a real-time messaging system (e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp and push notifications).

The software of the On.Plant suit for the IoT are the ideal solution to reduce costs related to productive flow, to the energetic consumptions, to the maintenance operations and to operating processes, having the control of all the necessary info for:

  • Monitor and optimize industrial plants industrial plants, machinery and processing lines.
  • Remotely manage and telecontrol machinery allowing the optimization of maintenance, support and assistance services.
  • Control HVAC systems, lighting, access and video surveillance, manage Building Automation systems, renewable sources and cogenerators.
  • Set up logic of predictive maintenance for the company assets
  • Alert at the right moment the right company roles in case of anomalies
  • Implement production supervision systems to improve performance.