Software for the control and optimization of the industrial production, industry 4.0 certified


Cloud On-premises

Interconnected services

Production lines, plants, machinery, line panels, PLC, SCADA, Database, ERP, sensors and metering systems

Area of application

Food, Ceramics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Plastics, etc.

What are the advantages in the usage of the On.Plant solution for the manufacturing?

Synergy between planning and execution

Productivity growth and costs reduction

Improvement of OEE indicators

Access to the tax incentives of Industry 4.0

Real time monitoring and continuation of activities

Fast, punctual and automated traceability

On.Plant/MES schema

Main functionalities

Manufacturing Execution System - MES

Coordination and continuous monitoring of the productive process in each of its phases with consequent control in real time. It’s possible to manage also the consumes of raw materials and the labelling other than the detection and the subdivision of the fasteners of the production and of the labor.


Planning of the company production with the visual interface dedicated that supports the management of the factory, optimizing the production sequence and granting the vehicles respect.

MRP – Material Requirement Planning

Planning of purchases and payments in material production and of resources inside the company supply chain, considering also the productive and logistics constraints. In addition, it is impossible to perform a simulation of different scenarios What-If and the configuration of business rules.

QMS – Quality Management System

Digitalization of the verification card and of productive processes for the quality control and monitoring of the activities inside the firm.

The On.Plant platform for the Manufacturing sector simplifies the management of production, transforming the firm in a perfect example of Industry 4.0, granting a complete control of the activities of planning and execution thanks also to data gathered from the interconnection with the plants and with production machinery.

The software developed by Onit are responsible, in an intuitive and structured way of the management of all phases of the productive activity, from the planning and scheduling of the production to the control of all the product working phase, registering in the meantime the quality tests based on the sector regulations (es. HACCP, UNI-ISO, ecc.) and ensures the traceability and tracking of the product in real time along the logic flux of the goods.