Increased productivity and safety with Indoor and Outdoor location technologies.


Cloud On-premises

Integrated systems

Automatic stacker-elevator and mini-load warehouses, vertical warehouses, palletisers, pick-by-light and put-to-light systems, RTLS, voice-picking devices, thermal printers, barcode readers

Area of application

Food, Beauty, Ceramics, Chemical, E-commerce, Pharmaceutical, Large-scale distribution, HORECA, Third-party logistics, Packaging, Plastic, Spare parts, etc.

What are the advantages of using the On.Plant solution for RTLS?

Forklifts productivity increase

Reduction of storage / picking errors

Increased safety in the warehouse

Reduction of fleet and resources costs

3D visibility on logistics processes in the warehouse

On.Plant/RTLS schema

Main features

Indoor Localization Technology

Innovative hardware that allows accurate indoor localization of the moving asset in real-time, with centimeter accuracy and with lower costs than LiDAR and UWB.

Outdoor Localization Technology

Innovative hardware that allows outdoor tracking of the moving asset using the availability of satellite receivers. It is also possible to collect historical or real-time data for tracking.

Forklift Tracking and Analytics

Allows for real-time fleet tracking and historical analysis detecting speed, orientation, position and usage status of each truck.

Mission Scheduling

Allows you to improve the scheduling of missions in order to increase production and also helps to optimize the empty paths of the trolleys thus reducing times.

FGS - Forklift Guidance System

Taking advantage of the location technologies applied to the trolleys, the RTLS application allows real-time tracking of the position of the Load Units. The 3D view on the display allows you to reach the loading and unloading points.


Detection of dangerous situations in the warehouse and in the factory and consequent communication with drivers or with driving systems to slow down automatically or with activation of the warning system.

The On.Plant software suite for RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) technologies allows you to increase visibility and safety on the routes carried out in the warehouse, unlocking saturated areas and thus allowing a precise improvement of the distribution of missions according to the position of the trucks. This therefore allows to increase productivity as well as security thanks to localization technologies.

In fact, On.Plant's RTLS technology makes use of the Dragonfly Computer Vision and Satellite for an optimal tracking and orientation of moving assets both in real-time and with centimeter precision respectively for indoor and outdoor: these technologies can be integrated in your own applications thanks to open API put at disposal or can be use “ready to use” applications designed by Onit.