Software for the warehouse logistic and the supply chain in real-time with On.Plant


Cloud On-premises

Integrated systems

Automatic stacker-elevator and mini-load warehouses, vertical warehouses, palletisers, pick-by-light and put-to-light systems, RTLS, voice-picking devices, thermal printers, barcode readers

Area of application

Food, Beauty, Ceramics, Chemical, E-commerce, Pharmaceutical, Large-scale distribution, HORECA, Third-party logistics, Packaging, Plastic, Spare parts, etc.

What are the advantages in the usage of the solution On.Plant in warehousing?

Optimization of spaces in the warehouse and of the warehouse’s paths

Reduction of mistakes for better service to the client

Reliable storage in real time and reduction of the minimum backup levels

Totally digitalized flux

Augmented productivity of the operators, guided in an efficient way

On.Plant / WMS Schema

Main Functionalities

WMS – Warehouse Management System

Supervision of all the warehouse operations and optimal distribution of the workloads based on roles and zones. Possibility of tracking the position of the unit load.


voice recognition for the real time communications among warehouse operators. This allows the maximum hands-free operativity, avoiding mistakes and increasing the security.


simplification of the intensive picking operations thanks to the use of bright devices positioned on the warehouse locations to highlight the position of the articles and the quantities.

IMS – Inventory Management System

Usage of I.A. algorithm through Machine Learning techniques that allows to forecast in the short term the demand of consumptions in production and shipping to clients, keeping to the minimum the stock in the warehouse and automate reorders with the optimal quantities.

Proof Of Loaded Truck

Photo reconnaissance of goods to certify the truck load in order to reduce claims by part of receivers, for damaged packaging or quantities that were not received.

Courier Shipment

Simplification of the communication with all the couriers, so as to have an unique interlocutor for the services supplied between the software of order management and the vectors.

Since logistic changes continuously in time, it is fundamental to be in step both to simplify the management in the warehouse and to try to decrease the timing of raft evasion. In addition, it is important to check and decrease costs and this favors the need of a management strategy that is efficient and effective. The software of the On.Plant suit regarding the Warehousing topic is the ideal solution to improve the warehousing efficiency, and the full control of the warehouse’s logistic, granting in real time the traceability of all the logistic flux of the goods, keeping tight the Supply Chain both from the supplier and clients point of view.

The software usage in the company is supported in the daily operativity from different standard technological solutions like terminals and radiofrequencies, voice-picking devices, bar-code readers, thermal printers or advanced solutions as withdrawal’s systems or guided sorting.