Monitoring of the business activities, agile planning through the Kanban Board, staff expenses management, work reports for clients.



Area of application

Companies, SMEs and micro businesses, project departments, administration, operations, production departments

What are the benefits of using an On.MyJob solution?

Simplification of reporting activities

Prompt control of deadlines

Increase in productivity

Reduction in time of business workflows

Reduction in internal and customer errors

Optimisation of corporate administrative organisation

OnMyJob Schema

Main features

Planning resources and activities

Detailed planning of all the daily activities and company resources thanks to Kanban Board tools for organising flexible teams on multiple projects.

Automatic generation of reports

Full details of activities in the final balance and periodic deliveries to customers thanks to the automatic generation of work reports.

Monitoring of costs and profit margins

Constant monitoring of the progress of a project or customer order. The freedom to export data means you can analyse any critical issues and thus, make the best decisions when required.

Advanced check of allocated activities

Extreme ease in monitoring all aspects of allocated activities, such as processing times, due dates, urgent jobs and deadlines.

With the On.MyJob software, you can have simple timesheet management and full control of all the activities carried out throughout the day, to speed up reporting and the elimination of errors.

Thanks to advanced analysis functions, the data become an important source of information, useful at all levels of the company: for example, the administration or business administration departments will be able to quickly and effectively check the state of job orders, costs and profit margins, all tracked in a single integrated tool.