Management, certification and publication of the data about the fundamental parts of the company.


Cloud On-premises

Area of application

Healthcare facilities, public administration, manufacturing industry, large-scale distribution

What are the benefits of using an Allinea solution?

A single repository for secure and certified company data

Real-time update for subscribers

Protection and data logs with maximum accuracy

Cutting costs of integration in heterogeneous computing systems

Allinea Schema

Main features

Master data definition

Definition of master data through web-application and multi-company configurations.

Traceability of changes

All data changes are traced with the possibility to reconstruct data dating back to a certain period of time.


Import of data from heterogeneous systems and management of overwrite priorities thanks to the data certification levels on a single cell.

Web Service

Real-time transmission of changes to business data to the sub-systems: to be constantly aligned to the certified standard

Thanks to the Allinea solution, it is possible to achieve the optimal level of consistency in company codes, in situations involving multi-master domains, through a centralised web-based framework which can be used by different users connected simultaneously through the Internet connection.