About us

Onit Group S.r.l. operates in the field of information technology and consulting services for business management and organisation.

The business services touch on different market segments, mainly within Italy. Through extensive experience and continuous investments in technology and staff training, the knowledge and skills offered by Onit means we can offer customers professional solutions and consulting services.

The technological know-how attained means we can create added value for companies in terms of tools, technology and business capability.

Vision, mission and values

Information Communication Technology is now a compulsory step on the path towards success in business. Regardless of the market sector, ICT is increasingly becoming the means by which to achieve corporate business objectives.

Choosing the most appropriate ICT solution for your business has become key to determining a company’s success. It is with this in mind that we plan our activities, developing software packages and offering professional consulting services.

The company is, therefore, structured around specific divisions for each market sector, to be able to offer customised solutions and professional consulting services. The technological know-how and comprehensive understanding of the processes are the guarantee for developing high-quality products and services.

Our values:

  • Customer care
  • Quality and innovation
  • Enthusiasm and courage
  • Team work

Research and development

We firmly believe in work based on the quality system model, with a strong emphasis placed on problem solving, taking into consideration the development of innovative strategic standards and the way in which they are used.

The aim of the R&D team, which is key to our strategy, is to provide innovative, solid and practical hardware and software solutions for the market to other company divisions and customers.

This activity, strongly championed by the company’s management team, makes use of close-knit partnerships with the world of research and universities, often overlooked and underestimated by Italian businesses, but which, in actual fact, are the driving force behind successful ideas and solutions.

Research and development
Company certifications

Company Certifications

ONIT works every single day to improve itself and to provide ever better services to customers. The ISO 9001 certification and the ISO 27001 certification, both achieved by Onit, fully capture the spirit of the company.

The ISO/IEC 27001 standard is an international standard that lays down the requirements for setting up and managing an information security management system, and includes aspects relating to logical, physical and organizational security.

The ISO 9001 quality management system guarantees continuous business improvement and demonstrates the company's ability to respond consistently and comprehensively to customer expectations. Through this important certification it is possible to improve both in terms of organizational efficiency and product quality.

Onit is also certified as an Innovative SME, an acknowledgment that attests the company's propensity to look to the future and its commitment to be among the driving forces in the country's continuous improvement process.

The achievement of these certifications demonstrates that Onit is extremely sensitive to important issues, such as security and data protection, the continuous improvement of its products and services and the constant search for quality in every aspect.