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Onit S.p.A. is the holding company of the Group which offers products, software, solutions and services to make the productivity of companies more efficient and simplify people’s lives.

Set up in 2001, Onit is now organised into specific divisions(Operations & Supply Chain, Healthcare, Business Analytics, Web & Mobile, ICT System Integration) to respond to the needs of different sectors of the market and represent skills, technologies and tools, an added value for any types of enterprise.

Onit deals with software and innovation, but people are always at the centre of everything. An approach which the People Office at Onit expresses in the numerous activities for staff, finalised at ensuring the effectiveness of the selection process, continuous training, courses directed at professional development and business welfare initiatives.

Onit also focuses its attention on the outside, resulting in the collaborative relationship with representatives of client companies and in the support of numerous companies and associations which, through their work, cooperate with those in greatest need and contribute to creating opportunities for those living in the area. Onit and its collaborators are committed to adopting and stimulating sustainable and virtuous behaviour towards the environment, through daily habits and specific initiatives during the year, aware that change passes through the choice of individuals.