About us

Since 2001 with companies at its side, people at the center and an eye to the future.








Locations: Cesena and Bologna

Onit S.p.A. is a company in the ICT overview that suggests products, solutions and services able to make more efficient companies’ productivity and life of people easier.

Born in 2001, it gave birth to Onit group, that today counts over 200 collaborators among the companies of the group (Onit, Onit Sanità, Onit Sistemi and Onit Smart).These are diversified from each other depending on the scope of intervention, but united by the same values, mission and a unique vision: working with passion to simplify modernity and inspiring the future.

Onit is structured into specific divisions (Operations & Supply Chain, Healthcare, Business Analytics, Web & Mobile, ICT System Integration), to meet the requirements of different market areas and representing, in technologies and instruments terms, an added value for every type of business.

The founding values of Onit are as simple as crystalline:

  • Customers Care
  • Quality and Innovation
  • Enthusiasm and Courage
  • Team Work
In addition, not less important, there is the propension to look to tomorrow with curiosity, intelligence, and willingness to improve the world in which we live. One line of code at a time.

The best strategic partner

Be the best technological partner  of companies, taking care of people and the environment: this is the mission that guides Onit work and pushes the team to work with passion every day.

The software, the technological solutions and the consultancies regarding IT are an important part of the Onit work. But there is much more.

Onit guides, accompanies and supports its clients in a path of technological innovation oriented towards the achievement of quality, efficiency, security and company success goals. It is about a genuine “IT experience”, where the client can count on a reliable partner, competent and proactive.

Developing the future

Determinant for the Onit strategies is the Research & Development Team, that has the objective to put at the disposal of business divisions and of clients hardware solutions and innovative software.

The prototyping laboratory allows to test innovative solutions, so that to verify its validity, the solidity and the practicality of the market and allowing the access through a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) instrument that fix a ceiling price for the investment costs.

The R&D Onit activity makes use of tight collaborations with the world of research and university in the Italian and European landscape, also thanks to the contribution of Horizon Europe, motor that will allow to develop winning ideas and solutions.

Research and development

People at the core of everything

Human resources are the foundation on which Onit lays and they represent the most strategically important asset, both in terms of intellectual property and of growth potential and business development.

This vision finds a concrete realization in the activities regarding the staff, aimed at ensuring the efficacy of selection processes, continuous training, paths oriented towards the professional growth and initiatives of corporate welfare.

For Onit people are at the core of everything. The same attention dedicated to the internal staff is also addressed to the outside, translating into the significant relationship that arises with the referents of corporate customers and in the promotion of different solidarity initiatives. Onit supports in fact many realities and associations which, with their work, accompany who is more in need and contribute to create opportunities for who live in the territory.

A path oriented towards quality

Onit’s belief is that its growth needs to go through the quality of what you do and the capacity to keep promises by  keeping expectations.  A quality that must not however lay on autoreferentiality.

The ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, both recognized to the company from certified bodies, perfectly represent this attitude.

Company certifications

The ISO/IEC 27001 standard is an international law that defines the requisites to set and handle a management system for the security of information, and includes aspects related to logical, physical and organizational security. The enlargement of the compliance to guidelines 27017:2015-27018:2019 lead Onit to be certified also on Cloud spaces.

The management system for the ISO 9001 quality grants a continuous company improvement and demonstrating the company capacity to address in a coherent and exhaustive way to the client expectations.

Through this important certification is possible to improve both in organizational efficacy terms, and of product quality.

Onit is also certified as Innovative SME, award that certifies the propension of the company to look towards the future and the effort to be the leading actors of the continuous improvement process of the Country. The achievement of these certifications shows how Onit is extremely sensitive to important topics as security and protection of data, the continuous improvement of its products and services and the constant research of the quality under every aspect.