Design, development and management of native mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

Main features

Native code development

Native code development to guarantee full control of the device, safety and technical and visual performances, with particular attention to the fluidity of the animations.

UI/UX design

Easy-to-use apps, which are intuitive and efficient, built around user requirements thanks to in-depth user experience studies (UX design) and graphic interface (UI design).


Thanks to the Cross Platform Application is possible to break down the barriers of integration with hardware devices.


We assist the customer throughout the development path, providing support before and after the app launch. The whole release process in stores is also overseen entirely by our team.

Starting from a simple idea or an existing project, the Onit team is able to advise and develop solutions by assessing the most suitable technology and supporting the customer throughout the entire process, before and after the launch of the app.