Software for transports optimization, trips tracking and centralized communications with your transport network with On.Plant


Cloud On-premises

Integrated systems

On-board devices, on-line maps, third party websites, ERP, smartphones

Area of application

Hauliers, freight forwarders, transport brokers, manufacturing industry (e.g. food, packaging, ceramics, pharmaceutical, etc.), large-scale distribution, third party logistics

What are the advantages of using the On.Plant solution for Transportation?

Greater operating efficiency of the transportation office

Reduction of the Carbon Footprint

Strong synergy through a centralized communication with transport operators

Optimisation of the load and the travel route

Improvement in the quality of the service towards clients

Complete digitalization transport documentation

On.Plant / TMS Schema

Main functionalities


Transport planning for the collection or loading and delivery of products with route optimization in compliance with the constraints. This is supported by the use of real-time cartographic maps and Machine Learning algorithms that automate the planning process.

3D Loading

Vehicle Loading Optimization thanks to the 3D simulation of the correct loading of the vehicle. This allows the correct positioning and ordering of the goods within the loading plan, in full compliance with the constraints and rules.

Carrier Portal

through the reserved, it is possible to access all documentation concerning the relationship with the transport company, the means or the driver or the travelling requests with the aim of a more collaborative management of the Supply Chain.

Slot Booking

collaborative platform dedicated to the Supply Chain and valid tool for supporting the logistics office. Possibility to book temporary slots to collect or deliver the goods at the warehouse, thus reducing waiting times.

YMS - Yard Management System

Yard management allowing a full control over the entrances, stops and exits from the yard and warehouses.

POD - Proof of delivery

Allows the control on the advancement on all the delivery process and manages the information provided by the drivers and possible non-conformities, in order to keep a digital documentation of the journey.

Cost Control

allows full control over transport costs and revenues. Help manage tariffs and price lists and generate both pre-invoices for transporters and invoices for customers.

Thanks to software of the On.Plant suite for the Transportation topic it is possible to improve the efficiency of the activities of the transports/logistics office, reducing operating costs and in the meantime optimizing the loads and paths of trips.

The On.Plant suite is the innovative software solution developed by Onit for the management of transport and external logistics: through this modular platform it is in fact possible to efficiently perform the activities of the traffic office and administration, while reducing the operating costs associated with the distribution thanks to the optimization of loads and paths.

Furthermore, through the interaction with the vehicle systems means, the drivers' mobile devices and the reserved access web portals, the software suite On.Plant becomes the focus of the certified and centralizes information through the Supply Chain, with the evident benefits that fall onto all the actors involved.